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The wardrobe needs to be divided according to different family members

Generally speaking, every member of the family will have their own bedroom and their own wardrobe, except for the host and hostess at home. In general families, the host and the host share the same wardrobe, so the most basic thing is to reserve their own partitions.

Compared to other members, hostess and hostess will have more needs in life scenes such as work, social interaction, life, etc., and the corresponding clothing and apparel are also diverse and abundant. In order to make the clothes not tangled together, the clothes of the host and the hostess should be stored separately in their own spaces. Second, the coats, shirts, and dresses that need to be kept are placed on the two layers of the hangers. And light clothes that are not prone to wrinkles, such as T-shirts and casual clothes, are stored in a separate small drawer, or separated from other spaces by a small partition.




In contrast, children's clothing is relatively simple, and there are not so many cumbersome requirements for storage, and because the child is in the growth stage, the size of the clothing is not fixed, so the designer suggests that you can design a large cabinet with the upper pendant and the lower one. If it is empty, it can be used with a storage box that can be flexibly added, reduced, and placed. Moreover, the design without partition can also be used for storage and storage of children's toys. However, if you want to exercise your child's ability to take care of yourself, you can set up a pendant that matches the child's height in the wardrobe to create conditions for the child to take and put clothes on his own.

The clothing of the elderly is relatively more complicated than that of children, but also simpler than that of young adults. Therefore, the normal partitions and drawers in the wardrobe can be kept. However, as mentioned above, the design needs to pay attention to the physical condition and behavior of the elderly. As the elderly are not suitable for climbing, squatting, bending, etc., do not put commonly used clothing and objects that are frequently used in a low position. Of course, you can also add accessories such as electric lifting clothes rails. However, according to the reporter's understanding, there are relatively few wardrobes with electric clothes rails on the market, and many of them require special customization.

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